Now you can print in 3d in Autocad 2010


The new 3D printing functionality in AutoCAD 2010 enables you to output your 3D AutoCAD drawings directly to  STL-supported 3D printing vendors through an internet connection. This simple utility will walk you through preparing your model, adjusting the scale, creating an STL file from your model, then downloading your STL file to a user-specified vendor for print in 3d.

The final 3D model will be printed then shipped to you within days. 
You can prepare your model for 3D printing using the 3DPRINT command or selecting Send to 3D Print Service from the output tab.  Select all solid objects you want to print. Once all objects are selected, select Return, which will display the Send to 3D Print Service dialog. Specify the scale of your model, then save the model to an STL format. 


Once saved, you are automatically directed to a location on where you can select the 3D print vendor.

3dmodel makers will be very happy with this funtion of print in 3d in Autocad 2010.