How smooth curved 3d Walls in Architectural Desktop

facet wall

Some time when we draw curved 3d  walls and objetcs in Autocad Architecture Desktop, they don’t show  smooth.     There are two variables that will help and they can both be set in the  Options dialog.   Use this procedure to specify the facet deviation and the maximum number of facets that can be used to display a curved object, such as a Cylinder mass element or a curved wall.

You can also modify this setting in OptionsAEC Object –Settings- AEC Display –Resolution.  Under  this, enter a value for Facet Deviation.
The default value is 1/2'' for drawings created from imperial templates  and 12.7 mm for drawings created from metric templates.

facet deviation

Enter the maximum number of facets that can be used to draw curved objects.
You can enter a value between 100 and 10,000. The value you enter is
stored in the AecFacetMax variable.

With this tricks you can smooth those  curved 3d Walls that appears  by default in Architectural Desktop.